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  • Member: Anicsi
  • Title: CANAAN - "The land of hope, eh?"
  • Premiered: 2009-08-08
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    • E.S. Posthumus Nara
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    This video is about the Anime CANAAN, a really nice Action TV-Show with the girl Canaan in the main role. I started watching it a while ago and really enjoyed it. This video is dedicated to my friend SilentMoonsiren (Aurora on basically that's why I chose the Anime. Well and the fact that i adore the song and thought it would fit.

    I am basically a raw editor and as I threw in the quick project because I was tired of masking and really serious editing, this is really simple. However, I had a lot of fun doing it and I like how it came out. Audio-wise I have to admit that some of the quotes weren't completely clean because of the BG music. I did my best to clean it, so please don't tell me it is sloppy, I know that :D
    Still I hope you will enjoy it!

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