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  • Member: Vancore
  • Studio: Vancore Studios
  • Title: Variations of D Minor
  • Premiered: 2003-05-03
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    • Rhapsody The Dark Tower of the Abyss
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  • Comments: Whew, finally finished with this.. time to convert it, upload it, and.. I think thats about it..

    As for details of the video itself.. lets say it has many different Variations of themes that are present in the movie Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. It has different cameo's of all of the movies characters, it showcases many different styles of editing that I know how to do at this point, the music changes many times but does manage to keep a constant theme (download the song if your curious) and I think thats about it.. The closest I can come to describing what kind of AMV this is is Eva Opus, without the well known song.
    Well.. on second thought its a lot different. First off the song itself changes every 20seconds or so into something else so it has quite a bit of varity to it. There is about 10 different variations in all to a theme.. in D minor =) Most of what I editied togather changes as well to the themes.. hmm.. I'll break down the variations. O I also had to cut down this song by about two mins for editing and contest submitting porposes (The origanal song being 6:46 secs).

    Variation 1: I love the classic sound of the opening, didn't come out quite like I envisioned but it was still worth the effort. Probably the fastest Variation since its composed of several small clips and fade shots. Out of all the Variations this was the one I worked on throughout the entire course of the project.

    Variation 2: This was the first thing I completed, meant to be slow and on the beat. It did repeat itself but I deleted half the part due to lack of footage.. that and I was cutting for time.

    Variation 3: The Action packed theme. Had fun doing this one, really fast.

    Variation 4: Starts right when the beat slows down. The song here has been edited down a hellova lot as well because I didn't like that part of the song much. This is also the Variation I liked the least doing.

    Variation 5: Very Vampireish feel to this tune, and I had the hardest time trying to find something to fit here. This was the last Variation I completed and probably has the single best moment the video.

    Variation 6: Very fun and jovial. I always envisioned townsfolk when I heard this tune. I very much enjoyed editing this part.

    Variation 7: I used these variations as an intro to variation 8 in a story like manner. The song didn't help this much so I edited it.

    Variation 8: Have I ever said how much I love lipsyncing.. well I do.

    Variation 9: Fast paced, gory and then it transcends into a bit of techno.. One for the Hunters, the other didicated to D.

    Variation 10: Very slow, very melodramatic, and the Variation that keeps this vid from being labeled as only a action vid. Although it does end the vid I can't help but wonder if I should have cut it out.. I mean I did cut out 1 min worth of fast paced song action before this..

    Well I hope you enjoy it.. hopefully you can play the local one since its better quality. ah well enjoy.


    The Local link seems to have some problems with playing for some people, the indirect link takes you to a better download. The Local is encoded in Xvid but wasn't set to play with DivX like in the Ermac and AD guide. I apoligize for any troubles this may have caused.

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