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  • Member: Master10k
  • Title: [Fandub] Paper Moon by xzerulx91
  • Premiered: 2009-08-04
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    • Tommy Heavenly6 Paper Moon
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    Singer & Lyrics: xzerulx91 a.k.a. Jabbi
    Edited by: Your’s truly (Master10K)

    This is what happens when I get bored... I make an AMV/Karaoke vid thing...

    I was already learning how to use Aegisubs, to do karaoke and I thought to myself ”Why not turn a fandub into an AMV”. So I did… I really liked Jabbi’s version of Paper Moon, so I decided on that and this was also a good chance for me to learn how to use After Effects CS3. The only reason why I never used it before is because I thought my laptop couldn’t handle it and I guess I was right. However after 100 system crashes and running out of RAM a whole bunch of times, I managed to make this.

    This AMV required :
    - Audacity (Jabbi’s fandub)
    - Sony Vegas Pro 8.0
    - After Effects CS3
    - Aegisubs 2.1
    - VirtualDub Mod

    *If anyone’s interested about karaoke, here’s the template I made for the effect:

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