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  • Title: A Complicated Love Story
  • Premiered: 2009-07-30
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    • Yellowcard Only One
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    It took me a long while to make this. I wish it came out better. I tried really hard on this despite the fact. Took me 2 months. I hope you all enjoy. My first 2:00+ video in awhile.

    Sasuke and Sakura are madly in love with each other and there is nothing stopping them. Then later during the fight with Haku, Sasuke gets a vision, his brother, Itachi, is alive! Sasuke has a plan. He saves Naruto and fakes his death. Because Naruto had the chance to save Sasuke, Sakura blames it Naruto. Naruto has a secret love for Sakura and he wants to make things right. He wants Sakura to forgive him.

    Naruto goes and tries to become better so he can, one day, defend Sakura if she needed him. That time comes when the Sand invades the village. Sakura is saved by Naruto! She is forever graceful to Naruto. Sakura starts to fall in love with Naruto.

    News came to the village. Sasuke is still alive somewhere outside the village! Naruto heard it first, and he left. Naruto confronts Sasuke. They duke it out. Back in the village, Tsunade tells Sakura about how Naruto said will get Sasuke for her so she can have her love again! Little does Naruto know, Sakura loves him and she thinks Sasuke doesn't deserve to come back, he's missing nin now. She gets worried and tells Kakashi. Kakashi believes nothing terrible will happen.

    The fight continues and Sasuke beats Naruto and hits Naruto in his heart (ironic), killing Naruto. Sasuke collapses beside Naruto. Kakashi brings Sasuke to the hospital where he is confronted by Sakura. 'Why Sasuke? Why did you kill Naruto?' All Sasuke could say was: 'Sorry Sakura.' She bursts into tears, 'Sorry won't bring him back!'


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