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  • Member: turboneko
  • Studio: Turboneko Studio
  • Title: Phemt *Remastered*
  • Premiered: 2002-09-27
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    • Hans Zimmer Bare Island
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    ** NOTE **

    This video won the "Best Dark/Suspance" award at AWA Pro 2002. Thanks to everyone who voted it! ^_^

    And now a little bit of comments:

    I've put my best to make this video understandable even from the people who haven't seen the series, but I know that it will have much more meaning for you if you have seen Berserk (and even more if you have read the manga). As my other one, it is completely different from any other Berserk video that is out there.

    No action, no battles, no rock music.

    If you want to know more about it, please continue reading but be aware that this video contains big SPOILERS!

    I always thought that the moment of the Eclypse and Griffith's betrayal, who willingly chooses to becomes Phemt because he couldn't stand the loss of his ambition, his one of the most dramatic and intense moments of the series. I still remember how bad I felt the first time I read it from the manga (in which, by the way, has much more meaning)... and how powerful was the feeling to make a video out of it.

    I wanted to make a high impact, highly dramatic video, which could show to people this particular moment when two friends become enemies... and when trust is shattered in pieces by ambition. The opportunity came when I bought MI2 score: when I first heard "Bare Island" I knew that I found the best match for this story.

    There is not much I can say about it. I just hope you will like this video, because I really put myself in it.

    - Cristina

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