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  • Member: wngai_97026
  • Title: One More
  • Premiered: 2009-07-26
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    • Superchick one more
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  • Comments: This is the first major video i've made in a long time.

    I created this video during AVCon 2009's Iron Editor competition. During this competition, editors were supplied with 2 dvds of 3 different sources before the convention. Then, during the first day of the convention, we were supplied with a secret source, from which, 10 seconds of footage must be integrated into our video. We were given approximately 28 hours to create an amv after receiving the secret source.

    This was my entry, and randomly, it won the iron editor event.

    This was my first attempt at an action amv.

    I'm not really good at multiple anime amvs as i believe its difficult to convey a story using multiple sources, so i stuck with GaRei Zero, and integrated 10seconds of secret source Gurren Lagann into it. I hit some good beats, but then i started rushing the end part and didnt really try to hit any.

    note, i guess this is PG/M rated as there was some gore (mostly blood) from the source footage that i ended up using.

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