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  • Member: Honou_Miko
  • Studio: Curry Mutton Pizza Productions
  • Title: Some Kind Of Nazi Word
  • Premiered: 2009-07-17
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  • Song:
    • Avenue Q Schadenfreude
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  • Comments: Wow. I'm so happy this made it to the finals at Otakon - literally squealed when I found out. Was at home visiting my parents at the time and I RAN and just hugged my mom. Was back at my apartment during Otakon when I found out it made Runner-up Best Comedy, and I basically did the same thing to my boyfriend... well, except I kind of jumped on him a little more. >_> After all, I have him to thank for buying me Sony Vegas...

    GAWD this was a fun video to do. I got the idea to do this while my iPod was on shuffle at an opera lecture about Aida.... yeah I know, shame on me for not paying attention, but I'd actually already heard the same exact lecture a few days earlier at a separate event (they were killing time before the opera started by repeating the lecture for those who didn't go to the other event, because the performers were on the road and LATE LIKE WHOA). I hadn't even finished Death Note yet at that point, but I knew that song combined with it could be golden.

    Please note the other Firefox tabs Light-kun has open. I have a crack RP account on facebook for him, and the tab happened to be open when I decided to do the screenshot of the computer... so, voilą. It worked. I also figured he may like Fark; he seems like the type. Oh, and the other tab is my school's email system, so, secret winks to my schoolmates and such. I also set his color scheme to red, because I feel that my purple scheme would be a bit out of character for him...

    Guh, it was such a rush to see this on a huge screen and hear everyone's reactions. Otakon was such a blast this year. And not just because I convinced my boyfriend to go with me and cosplay Light to my Misa... *_*

    Software used: Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9.0, Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0.

    ...Oh, and Firefox.

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