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  • Member: MightySpirit
  • Studio: Falling Up Studios
  • Title: Blue Sky Dreamer
  • Premiered: 2009-05-16
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  • Songs:
    • IMMEDIATE MUSIC Fahrenheit
    • IMMEDIATE MUSIC Rising Empire
    • Yuki Kajiura Duran Shoukan
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  • Comments: Idea -
    This video was originally made for a tournament being held on Youtube.
    The goal for this round of the tournament was to make a trailer for an anime.

    I've never made a trailer before so the idea process took awhile for this video. Anyways, my original concept for my trailer was a bit different from the result, but I still like it nonetheless. I focused specifically on the main character, Arika Yumemiya, because I wanted to focus on her dream to become and otome and that "follow your dreams" idea that she constantly spoke about.

    Footage - [ Mai-Otome/My-Otome ]
    Originally, I planned to use R.O.D. the TV as the footage for my trailer, but I just couldn't get it to work properly in Vegas. Mai-Otome was my second choice because I know the anime so well. I mainly used footage from the beginning of the anime, and from the turning point (ep. 17)

    Songs - [ Yuki Kajiura - "Duran Shoukan", Immediate Music - "Fahrenheit", Immediate Music - "Rising Empire" ]
    The main song I chose to use was "Duran Shoukan" because it was composed by the same artist who composed the anime's soundtrack. Also, the song seemed to fit the mood that I was going for with my trailer. The other two songs that were used only showed up for a little while. They were added in to give the trailer a better flow and sound more like an actual trailer.

    Editing Process -
    I only worked on this AMV for two days, but within those two days I did put a lot of time and effort into this trailer. As for the effects, I wanted to make it seem as realistic to an actual trailer as possible. To achieve that, I used a lot of media generators to achieve the effects and transitions I wanted. I also tried to make the font really appealing by adding glows, blurs, and sound effects. Most of the footage editing is fairly simple, but I did put emphasis on the voices with some custom echo effects xD

    Programs Used:
    Vegas Pro 8.0

    Youtube Link:

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