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  • Member: Zaiyei
  • Studio: Re-Evolution Studios
  • Title: [Re-Evo] Without You
  • Premiered: 2009-07-13
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    • LoveHolic Shinkirou
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  • Comments: So this was kind of a quick short AMV I made to let out my emotions.
    This was made for my cat whom I loved dearly... She was my first pet [excluding fish in our backyard >_>] and she was like a dream come true to someone who adored those with pets like me. She was such a gentle and sweet cat. While I was on vacation, she ran away... The details are unknown but I cant find her and its been 2 weeks... When I came home, not seeing her home made "home" so different... I really dont cry that easily compared to some people... I did cry alot for my cat but I also decided to let out the rest of my hidden feelings into this AMV.

    My cat's name is Kisa, I got her name from Kisa in Fruits Basket. So this AMV is about Kisa [in Fruits Basket]. It was inevitable to include Hiro :3 Due to lack of clips and just... Hiro has to be with Kisa ^^ Only a few clips though, its still mainly about Kisa... Not really about love or romance for them but more about their struggles and pain.

    If you look at this AMV I bet you could find a bajillion errors but please know that 1. my material was limited since Kisa is only seen in 2 episodes 2. I didnt spend that much time on it, but I put my heart and feeling into it so I hope it turned out alright 3. its not supposed to be some amazing beyond amazing AMV...Just one with my feelings (:

    Thanks Beta Testers: Kristyn [AMVorgasm], Yorleni [YorleniProduction], Jo & Mari [MJsistersX3], Reu [DarkReu]

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