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  • Member: valssj4
  • Studio: Studio DBA
  • Title: The Devil Ssj 3
  • Premiered: 2003-04-30
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  • Song:
    • Sum 41 Pain for Pleasure
  • Anime:
  • Comments: This is my 4th mv,and again about DBZ :b

    In this mv I have tried to use more effects and to make more experience with effort and editing...and I've found a lot of good tricks ^^

    and also this mv have a fact if you read the lyric you surely can see that the words ar appropriate!

    this is the lyric

    The seas have parted,
    the endings started,
    the sky has turned to black.
    A killing spree through eternity,
    the devil stabs you in the back,

    It's midnight now you must escape somehow,
    torture is his leisure,
    don't try to hide he'll make you subside,
    as he exchanges pain for pleasure,

    Pain for pleasure, he's the hunter you're the game,
    Pain for pleasure, Satan is his name!"

    The editing was huge!(as usual)

    in the end I've spent 1 week of work

    you surely can note that in te end there are some imperfections with colours of clips,and with timing ;_;
    this is becouse when I was doing it I was thinking in a new project and so I wanted to end this speedly,and also becouse the clips weren't perfect...
    but I promise that I will do the remastered edition,when I end this new project,with dvd-ripped clips and correcting the mistakes of this last part ^^'

    and so tell me what you think!

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