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  • Member: xexyzl
  • Studio: Red Water Productions
  • Title: Dies Irae
  • Premiered: 2009-07-02
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  • Song:
    • Dissection Starless Aeon
  • Anime:
  • Comments: This AMV was edited in 6 days. Considering how long my previous videos took to make, that should be a red flag, but trust me, it's much better than my previous "efforts".

    Now, on to the boring stuff:

    This was a rather spontaneous decision to start editing; I had two AMVs planned which I dropped to work on this one (for reasons such as incredibly fast ripping and encoding time for a movie compared to a series). I ripped and began editing the day I saw the Anime (Vexille). It's not that the Anime is particularly GOOD (I think it's only a step above the CG Appleseed movies, which I hated), but it seemed like decent AMV fodder (I'm surprised there are so few in the catalog). It also fitted a song that I'd been looking for something to match to for awhile. Metalheads familiar with Dissection may be somewhat miffed that the first Dissection AMV in the catalog will have a song from Reinkaos, but, what can I say, I love Starless Aeon. As a matter of fact, I haven't even listened to Reinkaos yet, I've only heard Starless Aeon (it came on The End Record's Dark Psyche compilation).

    Why this song? It's been stuck in my head ever since I first heard it. I'm glad to report that I've finally got it out of my system. The video is mostly beat sync on the instrumentals and chorus (beat sync to vox ell oh ell) and lyric sync on the verse (much like my Gunslinger Girl AMV, but less sucky). There's no story or structure; this isn't some recruitment video for The Temple of the Black Light, the lyric sync is fairly shallow. If you want a whole meaning or theme behind this video, call it the Japanese's mortal enemy / salvation in the Jags.

    I'm still wondering as to why Zarx264gui gave me such a large .mp4, it's not particularly long nor a particularly large frame size.

    Side Note: The credits music is a piano cover of Where Dead Angels Lie I found on boochsack whilst I was editing (some may remember me posting it in Now Playing). Link here:

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