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  • Member: Vlad G Pohnert
  • Title: We Need You!
  • Premiered: 2009-04-10
  • Categories:
    • Action
    • Comedy
    • Fun
    • Parody
  • Songs:
    • Sky Marshal Omar Anoke (Starship Troopers 3) It's a Good Day to Die
    • Starship Troopers Dialogue
  • Anime:
  • Participation:
    • Sakura-Con 2009, Sakura-Con 2009 AMV/OVA Contest (2009-04-10)
    • Anime North 2009, AN 2K9 MVC (2009-05-22)
    • Anime Mid Atlantic 2009, Anime Mid Atlantic's AMV Contest 2009 (2009-06-19)
    • Anime Expo® 2009, Anime Expo® 2009 AMV Contest (2009-07-03)
  • Comments: The idea for this video just came to me out of the Blue! After AWA last year as a big fan of the original Starship Troopers movie (I love the parody parts the best), I rented the third movie installment, Starship Troupers 3: Marauder. One of the special features on the disc is a music video of the Sky Marshal in the movie singing on stage as a sort of recruitment commercial. The music video itself was really well made and timed and the style was in some way similar to that of many Anime Music Videos. That’s when the ideas just hit me to do a spoof video about the mobile infantry in a similar style to my “We Want You Video” I did back in 2003!

    So this is sort of a sequel to the “We Want You” except in that video I used a lot of old school anime and so I decided in this one to use a lot of more current titles. I went with a similar style that I used in “We Want You” but this time I wanted to include the short recruitment adds at the beginning and end from Starship Troopers as well as one in the middle.

    This video did require a lot of use of special effects especially for the singers. I wanted to choose characters (expecially the lead) that could be easily identified and parody in many ways the same sort of style as presented in the original video. Thus I chose Fullmetal Alchemist and did a lot of heavy rotoscoping and background construction to get that same feel.

    This video features a lot of little inside jokes and references. I wanted to have something from Starship troopers in the video and thus I mixed Appleseed with the backgrounds of the bugs attacking. I also had a reference back to me “We Want You” and so I had a shot in the video of Admiral Tyor as I used him a lot in the original. There is also a few other fun jokes that include Gundams walking in front of the Disney Castle and the Heavy from Team Fortress (Which I tend to play in between things).

    Lastly, since in the video there is a part the says “We Need You”, I figured that was an appropriate title as it is very similar to the title I used in my other video.

    ALSO, it should be noted that in the download version, I’ve corrected a few minor errors in the text parts and also added in a background clip (near the end) that I forgot to put in to the Convention version!



    Anime North 2009:
    - Best Cinematography
    Anime Mid Atlantic 2009
    - Judge’s Choice Award
    - Best in Show
    Anime Expo 2009
    - Best in Comedy
    - Staff Favorate Viewers Choice Awards
    - Best Parody Video
    - Best Use of Lip Synch
    Anime Mid Atlantic 2010 Battle of the Greats
    - Best of the Best

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