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  • Members: MewMintyReborn, AGBanx
  • Title: Shapeshift
  • Premiered: 2009-06-15
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  • Song:
    • SHE Triangles
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Hey everyone. This is a collab between me and AGBanx. This collab started like 6 months ago when me and Banx were talking about she music. We got talking about a collab since i've never done one with her, so i said "Let's do a she one :D".
    So then began our journey and here we are xD!
    I must say this is a pretty bang up collab 8D! I love the way it came out :]
    Thank you so much to AGBanx who accepted to do this pain in the ass with me 8D!
    [/Why i picked this title i do not know lolz]

    Minty's Comments~ DKJHIEURFHVCUDTYF!
    I hated this, and it hated me.
    My first idea was to do it with Code Geass. After realizing that the episodes i got had
    THE BIGGEST FONT SIZE IN THE FUCKING WORLD, i gave up and did a horrible job on my part.
    I completely felt guilty about it and trashed it. Then i saw Yami To Boushi and thought it
    would fit good with this song aswell. THEN ANOTHER BAD THING HAPPENED. I saved my part in HD format like an idiot
    And deleted the project -___-' So i had to remake my part AGAIN!
    This time, i used what i am truly good at.
    Wolf's Rain :]
    I think it came out quite nicer acutally lolz.
    There's my story on my part and how it hates me xD

    AGBanx's Comments~ Sorry my part turned out so sloppy; Movie Maker was doing everything tp get on my last nerves. And thsnk yuo MewMintyNaara for putting up with me during this little project.

    Programs: Windows Movie Maker, Sony Vegas 7.0

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