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  • Member: EveneshBL
  • Title: Vampire Knight Guilty [Unofficial Trailer]
  • Premiered: 2009-05-09
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    • X-Ray Dog Dark Empire Remix
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  • Comments: This was my No Name Tournament entry for the second round.. And I passed. ^__^

    ----Editor's Note----

    Well, firstly when Tree and Key said that the second round's theme was trailers, I kinda... freaked out. Yeah, even if I have already made a trailer, this is something different... In my other trailer there were no conversations. Here I tried to tell a bit of the story, placing some subtitles. You may think...why are they only talking in the beginning? Well...I guess I can explain. Usually people make trailers where there are convos all the time... I tried to be different! I decided to put some quotes only in the beginning, where the melody is slower and silent. and stop them when the real thing comes - where everything becomes dynamic and epic.

    Plus, I didn't have much time to finish it - only like a month, and it was still during school and that mean like 7 hours per week :/ I rushed it all the last week, cos I really wanted to make my entry... And so and so... right after I finished my trailer and uploaded it in YouTube Tree made a one-week-extension and I wanted to eat myself from the inside ;D

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