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  • Member: Jeff
  • Title: inAdvent
  • Premiered: 2009-06-21
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  • Songs:
    • If These Trees Could Talk Malabar Front
    • inFamous E3 Tailer Audio
  • Anime:
  • Comments: This is kind of a trailer/action AMV, using audio from the inFamous E3 Trailer, and the song "Malabar Front" by If These Trees Could Talk set to the footage Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Sadly I don't have a Blu-Ray drive, and Advent Children Complete is not on DVD so I couldn't use the new scenes for the AMV.

    It was greatly inspired by ArashinomeAMV's Monsters on The 1st Floor While Your Sleeping on The Second Floor. After watching his AMV with the same footage and song, I kind of grown to like the song a bit. I saw an inFamous commercial on T.V the other night, which lead to watching trailer online, and thus, this was made. It took a day to quickly prep the footage, then I took a night to edit this (maybe around five-six hours at the most).

    Anyways, the editing is real basic and simple. I didn't want anything flashy and such. It's not like it's just random action, I wanted simple editing. And hard cuts are ftw. I'm personally satisfied with the end result.

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