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  • Member: Shinnie04
  • Studio: Pulverize Productions
  • Title: Dis Iz Pzzling
  • Premiered: 2009-06-07
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  • Songs:
    • Apollo 18 Pause 01
    • Evol Intent 5:30 Pm
  • Anime:
  • Comments: For long have I slumbered within the sanctuary of my comforting life, lazing and grazing upon such succulent comestibles and amusing myself to my heart's content. But woefully the prolonged amenity came to an end as a man by the name of Pete ever so gracefully proffered an idea of which, I should cease such a self-deluded, paradisaical, idle existence and once again bring forth a video.

    My once superlative world shattered upon such a candid proposition and I had been brought to my knees, desperately trying to cling onto the minuscule shards and fractured remains of my once, perfect world. After much needed reminiscing, I took heed of Pete's proposal and proceeded on a perilous journey to create a video; deciding to create a certain something pertaining to that of my "Entity of the Mind".

    AND this is basically that video :P


    Pete was the one who suggested I should make something whether it be experimental or random since I haven't released anything in quite some time so you can thank him for getting me off my lazy make an AMV I have to sit down so...uh...umm...Anywho..


    For those wondering what my Entity of the Mind video is, it's an artwork I did for my high school in 2008. Similar editing techniques were used.


    0:00 - 0:36
    Song: 5:30 Pm
    Artist: Evol Intent

    0:36 - End
    Song: Pause 01
    Artist: Apollo 18

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