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  • Member: Brakus
  • Title: Between Friend and Lover
  • Premiered: 2009-09-20
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    • Beatles In My Life
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  • Comments: To Roy Mustang, is Edward Elric really somewhere between friend and lover?

    Considering that many fangirls have harped about the supposed relationship between Roy Mustang and Edward Elric, I figured I wanted to make a video about this. This video somehow shows the relationship from Roy's point of view, in that he's had many "friends and lovers" over the years, such as Hughes, Havoc, and Hawkeye. However, Roy somehow always had his eye on Edward Elric. Given the scene choices and the lyrical relevancy to the scenes, I leave it up to the viewer as to whether there really was something between the two of them. Roy does smile at Ed in one scene, but it's hard to pick out considering it happens quickly.

    I did a lot of scene manipulation for certain shots.... most of those shots actually play backwards, but you can't really tell unless you've seen those parts of the anime. There were a couple of other shots where I had to zoom in on the scene to crop out unwanted parts - most telling is the part in the last verse on "I know I'll never lose affection" - that scene of Havoc on the car was actually the opening shot of Act 2 in that episode, which meant the Japanese FMA logo would appear in the corner. I had to zoom in on the shot to eliminate the logo, which explains the weird looking shot of Havoc on the car. Still, most of the scenes came out great. I especially love that "jealous wife" shot sequence during the 2nd verse. :)

    This video served as my Otakon entry for 2009. It didn't make finals, but I was still satisfied with the reaction it got at the overflow: A nice, pretty "Awwww!" from the girls in the audience at the very end.

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