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  • Member: spk1983
  • Title: Death Note's Requiem
  • Premiered: 2009-06-03
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    • Clint Mansell Requiem for a Dream
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  • Comments: Well, this is my first AMV, hope you guys like it. :)

    This took approximately 17-18 hours of editing over 2 days, I finally feel confident enough about putting it up here.

    Programs used: Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9, Particle Illusion.

    I only realised halfway through doing this AMV, how many other people had done the same video...but I quickly realised that most of them were not really that good, so I hope my video does a *little* bit better.

    I've been on here since 2002, and it has taken me this long to finally do one myself.

    Before I forget, I did use a little clip from Sierra Lorna's video "Seigi" as part of my intro, if he has a problem with it, I will remove it from my clip (don't kill me plz XD ).

    Anyway, I hope to be doing a few more over the next few weeks, so I just hope I get better.

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