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  • Member: mtarzaim
  • Studio: Killer Penguin Productions
  • Title: Instead of Rock and Tima
  • Premiered: 2009-05-27
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    • Zazie A ma place
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  • Comments: A new approach to the main protagonists of Metropolis.
    Yes, the main protagonists aren't Ken'ichi and his uncle, but the "love" triangle formed by Rock, Duke Red and Tima.
    It isn't a standard love triangle, as commonly defined, because it's about family bonds.
    Rock does whatever it takes to prove his love for his father, and of course receive his love in return.
    Tima receive said love from Duke Red, while she doesn't want it. She wants to be herself, not a robotic memento from a deceased daughter.
    Where one is striving for a love he never gets, the other must deal with an unrequired love.

    I've tried to highlight the clash between Rock and Tima, as hinted several times in the movie, making it more visible and understandable.

    It's an entry for Japan Expo 2009, a french convention. So the song is in french (but I provide english subtitles).

    I've quite struggled with this one.
    I've began a little late than I had planed, and my editing software kept crashing on me (every 30 seconds in the last week).
    I finally "called it a day", and sent it as it was : quite messy and raw.
    I didn't expect to win anything wih this, but my main goal was to participate with something fresh.

    Take it or leave it. ^^

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