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  • Member: BMXRIDERSI
  • Studio: RSD productions
  • Title: Equality
  • Premiered: 2003-04-27
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  • Song:
    • BT and Hybrid Running Down The Way Up
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Project Started End of January 2003.

    This video was the longest up to date video i have worked on. I have no idea why, but as i worked on it, progression was just incredibly slow. I was addidng effects like mad, making some up, and always trying something new that i havent done before, and i guess i spent hours and hours not even working on the video, rather trying to make a new effect.

    This video came to me after watching the X tv series which was really good but took me so long to get because all the users i was downloading from all had dial up. The series was alot better than the movie because the movie was just terrible. I only used the movie dvd becuase i then had dvd quality footage and i didnt even watch the movie. The movie sound was sad. I mean sad sad, as in pathetic. So i used the dvd but kept the X tv series in mind.

    I began editing and i slowly got through the video. At the end i ran into the problem i mentioned in the forums. Adobe would not render, skipped parts, made crappy previews, and basically made editing near impossible. You could edit, but timing would be impossible. So after about a week of playing with it, i finally realized i had to render it, stop it, save and repeat that process about 20-40 times. The rendering was done in less than an hour.

    I had already given betas out to a lot of people and i guess they didnt like what they saw. I'm not sure why but this video was just something i enjoyed because of the feeling i got when i watched X. I'm thinking everyone else who saw it and didnt watch the x movie didnt like it as much as i did.

    I did put a lot of effects in here, and tried to edit it the best i could. I'm not sure if BT and hybrid were the artists of the song, thats how i found it. >_<

    Hopefully you enjoy this video as much as i did :P

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