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  • Member: DarkSchneider
  • Title: We Could Be Heroes... A Tribute to Alex & Luna
  • Premiered: 2003-04-27
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    • The Wallflowers Heroes
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  • Comments: For many reasons, I will never forget the Lunar series. Long before I was into Final Fantasy, that was the first RPG that really got me. And after searching so long, I finally picked up Lunar 1 & 2 Complete versions. Comparing them to the old Sega CD games from long ago, they are just as good as the previous. Also, during my boredom on the computer, I figuered out something that would benefit me greatly, I can now rip movies off of PSX games. So I decided to test my new skill out by making a music video.
    It was kinda hard, but I chose Lunar SSSC because that was the best game I played long before I got my hands on a Final Fantasy game. Since there wasn't a lot to create a general Lunar video, I decided to base this video on the couple of the game, Alex and Luna. Then I listened to "Heroes" on the Godzilla soundtrack, and believed this would be the best one to use. However, since there were so few clips(unlike Final Fantasy for example), it made making this video a little challenging. But eventually in the end, I succeeded and pulled it off. Still wish there were more footage though, And now for your viewing pleasure, I present to you, my Lunar music video! If you played the game before, or if you like couples videos, or whatever, give this one a download!

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