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  • Member: AnimeKariChan
  • Studio: Small Child Studios
  • Title: Love Song
  • Premiered: 2009-04-19
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  • Song:
    • Trading Yesterday Love Song Requiem
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  • Comments: Have you ever fallen for someone? Become consumed by wanting to be with that person? Then had it all taken away from you in an unbelievable instant that left you not knowing what to do with yourself? Well I have, and thats what inspired this AMV.
    Maybe it was completely in vain, but there was a boy who I really liked. He seemed to help me through a lot and I had a crush on him for over two years. To tell the truth I still like him. But something happened that made me realize that its not meant to be as they say. I was absolutely crushed and confused. The person who I had idolized for two years, the one who I wanted to be with, to be like, was out of my reach.
    When I found this song, I connected with it and listened to it over and over again. Eventually I decided I needed to make an AMV with it to vent how I felt and this is what came of it. I chose 5 cm per second mostly because it reminded me a lot of my situation (especially in the last two stories).
    I really liked the way this video turned out and I think it shows how I feel very well. What do you think?

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