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  • Member: Master10k
  • Title: Rooftop Gardens
  • Premiered: 2009-05-09
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  • Song:
    • The Servant Walking Through Gardens
  • Anime:
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    I don’t know how this idea came about but I managed to make a good AMV in 24hrs. Sure anyone can make an AMV in 24hrs but this is something I didn’t plan at all and just spontaneously decided to do. Whilst I wait for this thing to encode (Yay! I finally know how to use Zarx264gui XD) I’ll give the basic rundown of the production timeframe…

    > 4:00pm – Started watching the anime movie
    > 6:00pm – Finish the movie and begin planning
    > 7:00pm – Trim the audio track
    > 7:30pm – Eat dinner
    > 8:00pm – Start editing the AMV
    > 3:00am – Sleep
    > 11:00am – Continue editing
    > 2:00pm – Quality check
    > 3:00pm – More editing
    > 6:00pm – Finished

    *Oh snap! It turns out that someone else did this exact same thing a year ago*

    This AMV required :
    - Sony Vegas Pro 8.0
    - Blender 2.48
    - WavePad Sound Editor
    - MS Paint
    - VirtualDub Mod
    - Zarx264gui

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