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  • Member: Derudo
  • Title: Back and Forth
  • Premiered: 2009-05-05
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  • Song:
    • Unkle Back and Forth
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    This is very short video that i make beacause of three reason:
    1. i wanna make short video in adobe premiere cs3 to learn this soft (beacause after this video i used ap6.5)
    2. i wanna make video to short song(?) made by band Unkle. This is "Back and forth" and to be true this is only one guy talking about life (he sound like Al Pacino and his text is awesome)
    3. i wanna make short video from anime Sky Crawlers beacause it is really beauty, but i have much more other work to do, then good idea is use this aniem to make short amv

    And thats all to be true. This is very small work, but maybe some people will like it. Maybe some people start listening Unkle thanks to this video beacause this is really awesome band.

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