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  • Members: Szwagier, Mol
  • Title: Dead lolitas are flying away (24h Hungarian Team IC Round 1)
  • Premiered: 2009-03-30
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  • Song:
    • Lenny Kravitz Fly Away
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  • Comments: So yeah, there is a fun online Iron Chef called "Hungarian 24h Team IC". Rules are pretty simple - you find a fellow editor with whom you make a team, then your team battle with other team by making an AMV in 24h to a random song. And this video here is a round one entry for a team called "Deadly Lolitas" (yeah, we were bored while choosing name) that consists of Michael and Szwagier (of which both are defienietly not lolitas, so don't get your hopes up)

    First of all - despite the title, the vid have nothing to do with lolitas. It's just that... after 10 hours of listening to Lennys song we changed from being deadly to being dead. After another 10 hours we wanted "... to geeeeeeet aaaaawaaaaaaay......" "... to flyyyyyyyyyyyy awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy". So basicly our brains melted and the song-parasite infected us.

    Second of all - while no real changes in editing were made this version is a bit different than the first entry we did. It has Intro (done by Szwagier). It has credits (done by Michael). It has fixed aspect ratio (no upscaling, don't worry :P). And most important of all - it have all the second half thrown away. Why? Well... once we made to the point we decided at the beginning of the editing (2:24 in the song afair, and the end of this vid) we thought we should finish the song, since we still have few hours left. And we did... But the quality of the second part was.... total crap. Not only it was obvious we were pretty tired while making it, but also we encountered small technical difficulty, and didn't have the time to fix it so the flow was pretty much screwed. Believe us - you are better not seeing the second part.

    Now about the vid - it's nothing much really. Just a quickly made action vid - since this was our first time doing something like that in a team we divided the music very crudely - Michael got the beginning and the first stanza and first refrains, Szwagier got second stanza, second refrain and bridge. It propably was more fun to make than it will be for you to watch, but meh - the org policy is to catalogue all vids, right? :P

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