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  • Member: Full Metal Sempai
  • Title: Celestial Being
  • Premiered: 2009-04-26
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    • Globus Epicon
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  • Comments: Not much things to say about this quickie amv.

    Despite not really liking Gundam 00,it had great potential,ultra epic fights and one of the best designs I've ever come across.Plus I'm a great fan of mecha series so I considered it a good chance to make a mecha amv.

    Still,after beginning 2 projects,I found myself not patient enough to search for good scenes and make an amv over 2 minutes.After Playboy Sousuke,I have lost the patience to edit a major project and now,due to work,I have also lost almost all my free time.

    Yet,I wanted to edit something quick with 00.The problem was that I couldn't find a good song until Nikolakis gave me some instrumental songs he has just come across.I found this one most fitting for what I wanted to make.

    This amv is very simple,using footage only from the Azadistan arc (episodes 12,13 plus ep1).I edited it during last weekend,which was Easter for orthodox christians.It looks like trailer and depicts how Celestial Being intervened in the case of Azadistan.Simple stuff,just good enough to fill up the two mornings I occupied myself with... XD XD

    A lot of thanks to Tony for the poster he made and to Nikolakis for providing the song.
    Hope you enjoy it!!

    ps: After finding some similar songs,I decided to make a trilogy of small amvs,no longer than 2 minutes each,depicting the history of Gundam 00. So,this amv is like the prologue for them...

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