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  • Member: Velho
  • Studio: Akatsuki
  • Title: Moonshine Delirium
  • Premiered: 2009-04-25
  • Categories:
  • Song:
    • Eternal Tears of Sorrow Sakura no Rei
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Almost 1 year has passed without even opening any editing application (except some IC stuff).

    I kind of lost interest in editing. I couldn't came up with an executable idea, my PC was a failure (and it's still is...) and I didn't have much time for editing either...

    But there are only 2 cons in a year in my country (in spring and autumn), so I wanted to finally make something to submit there. It was already around 10th April (the deadline was 1st May), and I still just wondering what the hell should I make. It was clear that it has to be something short. I looked up random songs which are around 2 minutes long, and I finally found Sakura no Rei. At first I couldn't really imagine anything to it, but then I started working on the audio, the vocal parts were cut out, and I edited a short part of EToS' "Sinister Rain" into the song (it's not listed in the audio sources, 'cause it's only a few seconds).
    Next, find some sources. The first thing that came to my mind after listening countless times to the final audio was Kara no Kyoukai. I has the first 3 movies on DVD, so I ripped and converted them, than started editing.

    And it came out something like this. In short, Fujino's madness in one night.
    However, after consulting with the contest coordinator, it got disqualified from the contest even before submission :]

    I tried out Premiere Pro CS4 with this project, and I soon realized, that it's far worse than I expected, so after finishing this I switched back...

    No download at the moment, I'll look for a solution...

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