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  • Member: Strawberry Key
  • Studio: One Little Strawberry Productions
  • Title: Ikuhara's Experimental Film
  • Premiered: 2009-04-24
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    • They Might be Giants Experimental Film
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  • Comments: Well, still not as finished or polished as I would like it to be (most notably, there is one effect missing that I did not have time to complete), but for the purposes of submitting this to Otafest's contest on time, it's definitely complete enough. For my very first full-length AMV and the first I've ever edited using a non-crappy editing suite (Final Cut Express), I'm pretty proud of what I've got.

    If you are not familiar with Revolutionary Girl Utena, the Utena movie, or the creator of both, a Mr. Kunihiko Ikuhara, hopefully this video will still make sense to you. And if you are familiar with them, then here's hoping you grin a little bit, if only at that one bit where the picture of Ikuhara dressed as Sailor Mars pops up. ;)

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