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  • Member: SonMati
  • Title: Bleach 40:1
  • Premiered: 2008-08-15
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  • Songs:
    • Kamelot Center of the Universe
    • Sabaton 40:1
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  • Comments: One of my best AMVs. Iím a fan of Sabaton, and I love song ď40-1Ē from album ĒArt of WarĒ I just wanted to make an AMV with it. I used Bleach and itís a pure-action video. Itís full of Sony Vegas effects, and it can even hurt your eyes (Thatís what I heard from others) Now I think it could be a lot better, if Iíd make something like war between Arrancar and Shinigami, not all-Bleach. But when I was making this, there was 167 episodes so far. Probably Iíll do a remake after battle in Karakura Town will be in anime. Iíll create something what Kubo Tite couldnít.
    Anyway, enjoy it.

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