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  • Member: kiarrens
  • Studio: Tech Girl Productions
  • Title: No Day But Today
  • Premiered: 2009-03-30
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  • Songs:
    • RENT Finale B
    • RENT One Song Glory
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  • Comments: Best Romance: AAC 09

    This video took me approximately two months to make, but only because of software difficulties (*cough-premiere-hates-me-cough*). If I hadnít had them to deal with it probably only would have taken me a couple weeks, as the editing wasnít terribly complicated (although there was a lot of photoshop masking to be done to fix lip-flap, the minimal amount of lipsyncing, and changing the lyrics from Japanese to the English lyrics of another song from RENT). I used Adobe Premiere CS3 and Photoshop CS3 (with a tablet in order to re-hand-draw some scenes and write out the lyrics), and the usual AVS pre-and post-filtration setups, virtual dub, blah blah blah etc etc. Deciding which footage to use was actually a bit harder than I anticipated, especially since Gravi only uses about 3 concert scenes with the same outfits, so hunting those down and finding unique footage (they also like to re-use footage from concert to concert) was a bit of a hassle.
    A minimal amount of AE was used to create the animated script in the end bumper.

    I went to NYC to see RENT last year, and fell in love with it. It has a beautiful story and theme (live each day as if it is your last) and I immediately thought of Gravi, since Shuichi lives by a very similar code. The homosexual themes in Gravi are also a driving force in RENT, so the two seemed to fit very well together. I think the most fun I had with this video was creating an alternate story, much like I did last year with my Romeo X Juliet vid... only I think I was much more successful this time around. Neither Yuki nor Shuichi have AIDS, and Yuki doesnít die at the end of the series, as I make it seem in the video. Gravi is a very bright, fun anime and I loved making it seem dark and brooding.

    Thanks go to the usual (and new) beta suspects:
    Rachel, Joe, TheFrozenDestiny, DOKool, ForeverZeroo, Jeni, Bri, Pam, Brian, & BasharoftheAges.

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