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  • Member: Sayco
  • Title: The Black
  • Premiered: 2009-03-29
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  • Song:
    • Skillet Falling Inside the Black
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  • Comments: Welcome xD

    No matter what you have seen in my profile before, you have to believe me that this is my first real AMV ^^

    That one before, was just a fake piece of you know what (I guess that most of you had some kind of episodes with WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER ^^ DBZ etc.:P) But it's been a while since then

    So now here I go with my FIRST AMV.
    Truly I must say that this was realy hard work because i had to master Sony Vegas (here thanks to Crossfade) - so it takes me some time to do it. The second thing that was innterupting was my studies /turistic and recreation/ that take most of my free time and maybe also because of this I started so late with AMV. But finally I spend about 3 weeks summary and I'm realy smug.

    The whole idea of this AMV started about year ago, when I heard a song: Skillet - Falling inside the black.
    It was also time when in BLEACH a fight betewen Ichigo and Grimmjow had occured.
    So in my imagination I created a views about AMV and all i was trying to do, to put this views in to this AMV.

    Why BLEACH?
    Just because in my opinion it's suitable with this song and it's also anime that I watch for a long time and I feel it deserve xD to be used in my firs AMV.

    I hope you will enjoy it ^^
    And I'm waiting for your opinion.

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