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  • Member: LittleAtari
  • Title: [YXZ 2] LittleAtari vs Osnar
  • Premiered: 2008-08-11
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    • Hammerfall The Way of the Warrior
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  • Comments: This is a 2 day IC against Osnar, judged by Nerd Strudel, for Zero Link's 'YXZ 2' competition in August. Although I lost, this has got to be my most favorite video I have ever made. Partially because it was my first IC, but also because I made my first AMVs with Gundam Wing. So when I was editing this, I very nostalgic. I had the same feeling editing this that I had back then.

    Original Comments from YouTube:
    *Let's out deep breath*

    Well, my first battle and tourney came and went in the blink of an eye XD. It's alright :).

    When I found out that I was up against Osnar, I knew I was going to have like pull some kind of miracle out of my hat to win. According to Nerd, I came really close though. Either way, I really liked Osnar's video.

    Also, this my first time ever speed editing. In general, it takes me a long time to edit. I basically used the entire 2 days that we had to edit. I worked late Saturday night and then Sunday after my job I kept working through the night and morning. I finally went to sleep at 3pm Monday, after submitting it. So loosing almost comes as a relief. As much as I wanted to win, it was a real burn out for me and I have to work on speed editing so that I'm actually editing quickly rather than spending about 22 hours editing on something that is short and sloppy.

    Now be nostalgic in my Gundam Wing Glory.

    Before anyone asks, that flame effect isnt in vegas. I used Wufei's Shenlong Gundam fire, chroma keyed it, put a wave effect, repeated it with MANY tracks, used pan/crop and the push transition.

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