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  • Member: AimoAio
  • Title: When it Rains
  • Premiered: 2009-03-29
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    • Paramore when it rains
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    Footage:Kingdom Hearts
    Pairing:RoxasxKairi(it's growing on me! :D)
    Program:Sony Vegas Pro 8[editing] and Photoshop CS2[splats,waves,swirls and other graphical images used]
    Time Taken:Roughly a week?I think.Or longer.
    Story:Roxas and Kairi are in love with each other.
    But Roxas is a nobody and he knows he's going to fade away someday and to save Kairi from the pain and heartbreak then,he leaves her and hopes that soon she'll forget about him and move
    on with life.So he's out there battling heartless[and whatever]in the rain[depressing]all on his own
    whilst suffering from heartbreak[xD].

    Kairi,knowing he'll come back for her,waits on the beach everyday for him.2 years have gone past[timeskip!] and she's still waiting...and hoping that a new day will bring him back to her[Aww].But one day a black portal appears on the beach she was waiting on.And Kairi believing this was a signal for her to go find Roxas herself jumps[well run really] into the portal.And it did take her to Roxas![Hallelujah!] But he was fighting heartless,killing them one by one to protect Kairi from losing her heart again[So sweet!]And Kairi could do nothing to help him except stand and watch him helplessly.He's momentarily distracted from seeing Kairi all of a sudden and a clever heartless jumps at the chance and swallows his heart.

    BUT he's a nobody and therefore he has no heart.So instead,his body fades away.He smiles,the
    time has finally come for him to disappear.To disappear into nothingness,and from people's hearts.
    Alas Kairi will be able to move on.She screams "NO!" and starts to run towards him but
    it's too late.As she grasped the last few fragments of what used to be her loved one,she was certain
    she felt a teardrop on her cheek that did not belong to her.

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