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  • Member: SammyPacks
  • Title: Endless Fall [MEP Part]
  • Premiered: 2009-03-19
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    • Kamelot The Pendulous Fall
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  • Comments: Purpose: Well, this is my first official video posted up on this site. This was a part for the "NightVision Studios AMV Tournament". This is Round 1, and it was a free for all (going to be put into a MEP format); Drama themed. I can't wait to see the competition. Along with this, I made this as a dedication to my best friend Brendan! I love him like a brother! He's stuck with me since 8th grade till now, and hopefully more years to come. We met this way... Through Naruto; Through Haku and Zabuza...

    Story: Wow, well... Just sadness was my choice for this video. Haku and Zabuza (as most Narutards know) are just side characters, but to me, they were probably one of the best to air on this show. I'm sure Brendan still feels the same way. Our first favorite characters, and everytime we watched Episode 19; We couldn't help but shed a tear... Yah, yah... DORKS! Hehe, well anyways. Haku, a sweet and innocent boy, is living his life purely for the one he loves... Zabuza (no not in a yaoi way, but help yourself to that too... I like it either way). Death, Came and took Haku away from this world. Zabuza; Clearly isn't happy about this... He seeks revenge on the ones who hurt them most. As time comes... Naruto is there as the enemy, yet best friend to them. Zabuza and Haku are forever alive through him now.

    Dedication: BRENDAN BRENDAN BRENDAN! I LOVE YOU!!! Best friend! FOREVER! We really have been through much more as the opposite gender friends. You're amazing, and I will always love you no matter what. This video is in dedication to how much you've stuck with me. I appreciate it all, and you will always live on in my mind even if our friendship ends. If our friendship won't last (which I pray it will) this video will last an eternity (at least until the interwebs don't exist anymore - fat chance?).

    Anime: Naruto (Episode 9-19)
    Song: Pendulous Fall
    Song By: Kamelot
    Program Used: Sony Vegas Pro 8.0

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