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  • Member: Overture
  • Title: Asphyxiated Insanity
  • Premiered: 2009-03-16
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  • Song:
    • Hollywood Undead Sell Your Soul
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  • Comments: soul eater:)

    Asphyxiated - to cause to die or lose consciousness by suffocation due to various causes. to suffocate, smother, choke.

    Insanity - ummm... ... crazy :O

    Here's my first Soul Eater amv so i hope you likey as much as humanly possoble... OR ELSE!!!!. i called it asphyxiated insanity because i wanted to present it in a way that you feel the characters are being overcome by an internal struggle of losing their minds or...well... insanity! so in other words, suffocated by insanity. i didn't want to use TOO many standout effects in it but mostly focus on eerie mood setting effects, and whatever matches the interesting use of background music in the song. enjoy!!!:D

    programs used:
    sony vegas 6
    virtual dub mod

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