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  • Member: LittleAtari
  • Studio: Intricate Vision Studio
  • Title: Come Alive
  • Premiered: 2009-03-10
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  • Song:
    • Kevin Rudolph Let it Rock
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  • Comments: This video is meant to convey the relationships of Cloud, Sephiroth, and Zack while in Shinra and after it. It's about how they gave life to each other (mostly Cloud and Zack) and how the times and Shinra were a lie. Originally, Aerith was going to have a big chunk of storyline also, but due to time constraints, as this was a school project, I cut her part and a whole chorus at the last minute. One heads up about the song, is that all the Lil'Wayne parts are not in it. I hate them and really feel it didn't fit the video at all.

    Basically, I made this video about 4 months ago for my editing class at my university. It's nothing special, just something I whipped up quickly. I put off my final project for editing class because I figured that I was familiar enough with editing and I had bunch of other projects work on for other classes. So, I decided to cram this along with my other projects and completed it in less than four days. It was my first time working in Final Cut Pro and OS X so it was quite a challenge for me to get things down in such a short amount of time. A lot of technical issues arose as I wasn't going on completely correct instructions.

    I'm not too big on this because of the amount of time I had to do this under caused me to completely scrap a big chunk of the story line I was going for and any ideas that I had for effects had to be discarded, so when I look at the video I see everything in it that I did not do, rather than seeing 'wrong' things. My reason for releasing this is because I was asked by one of the grad students to put it online and I don't release a video unless I upload it here. On top of that, this video was just sitting on my HD nagging me to do something with it. Also all the really crappy videos on youtube with this song and source were reminding me of this, so I figured while I may not like it so much, I know someone else will. As it is now, the video can stand alone as a complete AMV. If I ever really get bored, I will make another version with the concept I had in mind, but until then, this will have to do.

    This video is a tweaked version of the one I handed into my teacher, but mostly all the same. I received an A for this project.

    Some positives that came out of this was that it introduced me to Motion 3 in Final Cut Studio, which I've started to take a real liking to. The biggest parts that you can see Motion's work are the parts that where the frames were interpolated when slowed down. Also, some masks were done in Motion.

    Special Thanks to Reda for helping with Crisis Core cut scene conversion.

    Note: There is lip flap in this video, nothing is meant to be lip-synced. I tried avoiding it where I could but under the time constraints there wasn't much room to be creative about it.

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