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  • Member: HelloLittleSteven
  • Title: Gimme Some Lovin'
  • Premiered: 2008-03-23
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    • The Blues Brothers Gimme Some Lovin'
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  • Comments: I've been doing video editing since I was a senior in High School. I had never made an anime music video before, then one day back in early 2008, I was watching Nabeshin's already classic anime Nerima Daikon Brothers, and I was thinking about how it was inspired by The Blues Brothers, and so I decided to use my editing skills to make a music video. This video took a whole week and a half tops from what I remember back in March of 2008. Alot of lip syncing in this video. Because Hideki is based on John Belushi, he lip syncs all the lead vocals, and Ichiro and Mako lip sync the background vocals. It's gotten a great reception for my first AMV. I had it on YouTube for a while, but because of the whole fiasco with Warner Music Group that's been going on, it was removed. I decided to use this song, because it was the biggest hit from the Blues Brothers movie soundtrack, and because I think it's a great song overall. Plus I've been a big fan of the original Blues Brothers movie for years.

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