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  • Member: Prodigi
  • Title: Ghost In The Machine
  • Premiered: 2009-03-08
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  • Song:
    • Justice Phantom Part II
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  • Comments: Best Instrumental 2010?

    General Info:

    I love this song. The video is a tribute to the song, rather than a standard AMV I guess. I just really wanted to edit to it, and the Animatrix seemed the best fit that I had at the time. I'm really happy with how it came out, and I'm glad Brad introduced me to Justice. In my top 3 of my own videos.

    Not a lot else to say.

    Special Thanks:

    Brad - For introducing me to Justice, for giving good feedback, and for doing some neat adjustments to the coloring, etc, of the overall video. Looks much more epic thanks to it.

    Liz - For beta'ing and keeping me entertained on skype when I was editing (and bitching about) the ending.

    Credits Audio:

    Intro: "The Resistance" by Spor
    Outro: "Black Swan (Cristian Vogel Spare Parts Remix)" by Thom Yorke

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