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  • Member: Mkid
  • Title: Wish
  • Premiered: 2009-02-14
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  • Song:
    • a thorn for every heart Things Aren't So Beautiful Now Part 1
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  • Comments: Ive been Thinking about this amv for about 4 or 5 months and ive been making this for 2 weeks or 1, kinda forgot. I dont know what to say i had alot of support from about 6 people, and i would like to thank those 6 people, This will be my last windows amv, yeah thats right im switch to a MacBook Pro, im excited to try something new for a change, i kinda hate windows, and im sick of vegas but if i dont like a mac ill just switch to Boot Camp, Jeff i would to thank you for inspiring me with this song its a really good song and i would like to say thank you for not catching a bitch fit about it, (i gave you one of my songs bitch) xD anyway The other jeff (Exsphere) thank you for helping me fix some of my problems with it and yes i know i didnt take out all of them but i took out a majority xD, yea that was my youtube description and here is my org, I know i havent been uploading things in a while about 2 years to be exact xD but Jeff got on my ass about it(that sounded gay) and it started annoying because he started saying how good i could have been but i didnt spend any time on the org but i will start once i get my mac Lol anyway i hope all of you enjoy this amv BYE ^_^

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