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  • Member: Yusf
  • Title: Endosky
  • Premiered: 2009-03-01
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    • Paul Lawler Dreamtime
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    Voluntarily falling at night from the top of a very high building in a crowded boulevard, in slow motion with Sunadokei song playing loudly out of nowhere, everything looking very real with vivid colours and sounds, I was experiencing my first lucid dream ever, which ended a few dream seconds later, just after I landed on the street on my feet. Nothing impressing so far, as long as we're talking about a dream. Except that this is no ordinary dream, because I knew I was dreaming while all this was happening. I was conscious of being in a dream, seeing and hearing things that are just a creation of my mind with the complicity of my brain. I had attained dream lucidity.

    The proven phenomenon of dream lucidity is what inspired me for the creation of this video, which in some of its aspects resembles that first lucid dream I had.
    A young man travelling by train suddenly realises he's dreaming, thanks to some abnormalities common to dreams he notices, and enters the dream lucidity state, with all its breathtaking characteristics, such as the unworldly brilliance and vividness of colours lucid dreamers know very well, and which, even with an extreme alteration of the contrast and brightness of the source footage, I couldn't recreate. The dream soon turns into a mixture of the continuation of the initial dream, and what his mind begins projecting in front of him under the effect of excitement and awe, for controlling a lucid dream isn't a simple task even for the most accomplished conscious dreamers.

    The instrumental song Dreamtime by Paul Lawler is one of the 9 songs of the album "Lucid Dreamer".
    One more time, I had found the perfect musical match.

    Technically, this video marks my first use of the MP4 for the normal quality video, instead of the habitual XviD.
    As usual, I recommend the MPEG-2 version to those who want the maximal image quality.

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