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  • Member: junnina
  • Studio: Visual Experience Studio
  • Title: Please, Love me. [WEST IC round1 - 1st place]
  • Premiered: 2009-02-18
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    • Armin van Buuren Shivers
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  • Comments: So...this is my video for WEST contest, Round 1.
    Judges were: DN@, Autraya, simofc90, mirkosp, Koopiskeva.
    I was against GloryQuestor, Vann, Mangakaii and Shimaki.

    I really didn't think that I would have ended up being 1st with 25/25 points lol.

    DN@'s comment:
    + Coherence/Lyrich synch
    + Best begining
    + Editing
    + Scene selection & story
    - 2nd part of the amv wasen't edit as good as begining
    - Video quality

    Autraya's comment:
    In the middle this is not so good but i love the story and gets much better at the end, nice IC vid :3

    simofc90, just before posting the results, trolled me saying in private chat that I arrived last because it was the worst thing he and other judges had ever seen lol. I was about to cry. XDDD


    This video was made in...less than 2 days. I could have done it better, but...well, I'll past here my editing history I wrote on the WEST forum, so maybe you'll laugh a little. XDDD

    The IC was on Friday evening. On Thursday my computer decided to kill himself, so I had to call the little-man-of-the-computer to adjust it. He called me to me on Friday, late afternoon, and said: "Sorry, I had no time for you this week, I'll fix your pc next Monday ^^" lol.
    So I had to edit with the notebook I use for university - it had not a single program for editing, and I had no more anime to use.
    So I had to install the softwares, and make the codecs made love not war - while waiting for some anime sources to download again. __
    Then, the sources did not work on my software , so I reinstalled again some codecs.
    I solved the codec problems - but the sources were .mkv, and the muxer didn't exact them.
    So I had to download the .avi, and only when I already waited untile the 90%, I found out and solved the problem with the mkv. .__.
    But - once extracted the mkv, VFAPI didn't recognize the path, and I still don't ujderstand why, and I already had discarded some avi, so to take the pieces for my amv I had to cut them with virtualdub mod in a lossless or uncompressed way, and only then putting in the program. In the end I was able to edit. O_O
    Still my notebook is small, so the program continued having crashes and codec problems until the end. XD
    Plus, that day, for about 3 hours, the society of the light energy turn it down in my street, so I had to wait. XD
    And in the end - when I was about to make the final rendering - the zarxgui thing told me "unrecognized video format" at the lagarith file, and I addressed with really bad words the poor people that were in my chat list in that moment.

    { I had the instinct to close all, then opening movie maker and make an autovid in wmv. }

    I did it. XD But also the rendering on movie maker crashed. XDDDD
    So in the end I finished my rendering and uploaded my video, and then died lol.

    All this crap that made me waste a lot of time. .__.


    I edited, after the contest, the video, adding the credits.

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