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  • Member: *inverse*
  • Studio: .:Reversed Studios:.
  • Title: To Die For
  • Premiered: 2009-02-16
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  • Song:
    • The Birthday Massacre To Die For
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    This is the full-version of my track for An AMValentine - 2009.

    Programs Used:
    - Sony Vegas 6
    - DVD Decrypter
    - VirtualDub
    - AVIsynth

    Song Lyrics
    Stop wasting time boy
    You're late all your life boy
    They won't have the patience
    For someone like you
    Your memory's fading
    I'll love you forever
    I'll try to remember
    I'll try to hold on

    You're standing alone boy
    Waiting for dreams boy
    Waiting for something
    To make them come true
    Don't ever leave boy
    I'd miss you too much boy
    I'll never forget you
    As long as I'm here

    Sirius no Densetsu is a fairy-tale twist on the classic story of Romeo and Juliet; two tribes, children of fire and children of water, have been at war for years, which makes things a little difficult for Sirius and Malta. Like most takes on this play, the outcome is predictable, and in the end, no one is spared. Despite the tragic ending, Sirius no Densetsu is a beautiful movie - you can find a nice review of it over on A.N.N..

    Special thanks to delirium_sj for sparking my interest in this movie, and to Chiikaboom, for always finding awesome music for me ^.^

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