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  • Member: Kanti13
  • Title: Check Yes Haruhi, Ouran love comedy AMV
  • Premiered: 2009-02-14
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    • We the Kings Check Yes Juliet
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  • Comments: I tried to make most of the scenes where she actually appears to reciprocate feelings (aside from the 'I'm scared of lightning' scene and the very end) come from Tamaki's fantasies. This was a great song to portray Tamaki's drama queen side, so that's why I have him lip synch parts of it. I know that could be a lot better but I don't usually like to put lip sync in actual AMVs, so wtv. I also couldn't edit out a couple of those text boxes which are annoying in AMVs so I just changed the text to English. They're both 'Tamaki inner mind theater' ones.

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