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  • Members: SarahtheBoring, The 13th Man
  • Title: Bootlegs: Two and Half Minutes of Pure Dynamite
  • Premiered: 2009-02-08
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    • Trailer Grindhouse
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  • Comments: *** PLEASE READ: The bad visual quality is on purpose. Repeat, the bad visual quality is on purpose. ***

    However, if that is going to make your head explode, I'd suggest giving it a pass. Unless you film the process. 'Cause that would be fitting.

    We went to see Grindhouse, Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez's homage to bad '70s exploitation flicks, when it screened at a local indie-ish theater. Not long afterward, we decided to make the Grindhouse trailer in two parts, with each of us taking on one of the movies. Jay covered Rodriguez's Planet Terror with Excel Saga, and Sarah covered Tarantino's Death Proof with Utena. Each of us has worked with each of these series before, so it kind of works in that fanboy-homage sort of vein. But, more importantly, the series had (respectively) zombies and a heroine with an explosive appendage (at least for one episode), and a creepy seducer driving a kickass car.

    The result of that, a lot of back and forth, foot-dragging, multiple renderings, and then intentionally making the footage look like crap... is this trailer.

    *** Again, please read: The visual quality is based on the original trailer and films, which looked worse. On purpose. Trust us on that. ***

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