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  • Member: Pikachew
  • Title: Anfang Vom Ende: Beginning of the End
  • Premiered: 2009-01-30
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    • E Nomine Das Omen
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  • Comments: If it gets off, it has to get off,
    If it goes up, it must come down,
    If it ends, it must BEGIN.

    Thus, Anfang Vom Ende: Beginning of the End, is an AMV that depicts the beginning of the end in Macross Zero. Well, with my story it does. Pay close attention to little details, as those are what reveals the story. Especially a certain scene with text -cough- envy- cough-.

    Note :This was technically an IC against myself, but seeing as how long the original turned out, i decided to tweak it up a bit and make it into a full video. Well...sort of XD.

    Sony Vegas 6.0
    VirtualDub Mod
    Zarx 1.1
    Adobe Photoshop CS3

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