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  • Member: Autraya
  • Studio: Walküre
  • Title: Somebody else's dream (WAI-Con Iron Editor)
  • Premiered: 2009-02-02
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    • gyroscope snakeskin
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  • Comments: This video was created during the 24 hour iron editor competition at Wai-con the western Australian anime convention.
    Originally Lockstock was slated to be a judge, but after hearing i'd taken out AV-con and Manifest he decided to compete (prolly to lay the smack down on the girl trying to steal his crown as king of burly land). Other than Locky and myself everyone else was local, Oropherzero, prYzm, unknowablE and a few others (sorry guys/gals I dont remember the names i've had 11 hours sleep in 4 days x_x)
    24 hours, a set pool of audio, cowboybeebop as the sekrit sauce, my randomly selected source from the list i provided ended up being macross frontier episodes 18-25, source is raws as those epis aren't out on dvd yet in japan : heh i actually did a lot of the effects at the begining not only for the dream sequence but to hide the massice difference in quality between the 2 anime. We had to incorporate 10 seconds minimum of the sekrit sauce and were not allowed to use other audio.

    Soo i'm waiting for tiara to arive in the mail now that the final step in takeover of the country is now complete *falls asleep on keyboard*.

    Judges: Warpwind, Prodigi and Mitchell (who'se .org name i don't remember).

    Special thanks to pryzm, mickey and tiff

    Awards & Contests
    WAICon 2009 - "Iron Editor Winner"

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