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  • Member: MightySpirit
  • Studio: Falling Up Studios
  • Title: Kagami's Lovely Imagination
  • Premiered: 2008-11-16
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  • Songs:
    • Eureka 7 OST Niji
    • Eureka 7 OST Tip Tap Tips
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    Idea -
    Yet another AMV I didn't originally plan on making. I happen to have my music on shuffle and when I heard the song, an idea for an AMV popped into my ahead, so I went through with the idea. Plus, I did want my first Lucky Star AMV to be focussed on Kagami, and this video fits that plan nicely. The AMV is kind of slow and and simple, but it was meant to be that way, and I like it that way.
    Unlike some of my other AMVs, there is a story behind it all. Basically... Kagami recently got sick, so Konata decides to go visit her. Since Kagami is sick, she's sleeping to rest up. While she is sleeping, we get to watch her lovely imagination go to work as she dreams of all her wonderful times with Konata. But once she wakes up, she has to face reality again...
    It's starts as a sentimental AMV, and ends as a comedy one >.>;

    Footage - [ Lucky Star ]
    No specific reason for using Lucky Star, other then it popped up into my head as I listened to the song. The song sounded like some sort of dream sequence to me, so I decided to base KonataxKagami around the idea of having a dream sequence.

    Song - [ Eureka Seven ED - "Tip Tap Tips" ]
    Like I mentioned before, I just randomly came across it as I was shuffling through my music >.>

    Editing Process -
    This AMV took me about 12 hours to make. As I mentioned, it is sort of simple, but there is a fair amount of effects added in to make it look nice. I only focussed on a few beats with bars and hearts to add a nice touch. I used a lot of fade transition and a white background to give it that dream sequence feeling that I was going for.
    Since I made this video a few months back, and only recently uploaded it to youtube and here, I did have to fix it up. I took about an extra hour or two in order to fix the aspect ratio and make the video 6:9 which looks a lot nicer and higher quality compared to the original 4:3 size.

    Programs Used:
    Vegas Pro 8.0
    Adobe Photoshop CS2

    Youtube Link:

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