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  • Member: Gigi_Pit
  • Title: A Tale of Heres and Nows
  • Premiered: 2009-01-11
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    • High School Musical Right Here, Right now
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  • Comments: OK! Here’s another selfishly made AMV, meaning I pretty much did it for me. I just saw Ef – a tale of memories, and surprisingly it was really good! At the same time I was listening to HSM3 soundtrack and this song fell on the right spot. It’s like Renji and Chihiro have only here and now and those pages of the diary are Heres and Nows. WARNING: Anyone who haven’t seen the anime wont understand anything – the amv doesn’t have any plot, it relies on the anime’s. However, I’ll try to give some explanation of the plot. The girl, Chihiro, has a memory defect and forgets everything in 13 hours. She meets with the boy, Renji, every day and writes about him in her diary – it’s her memory so to say. However, she decides such a relationship is too cruel and that she should end it. She tears up the pages of her diaries, but a miracle happens and after 13 hours she still remembers Renji! One cannot help but love it for the happy ending! So, enjoy it, and please don’t judge too harsh!

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