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  • Member: Raggedstar
  • Studio: Lycos Fang Studios
  • Title: GDW - Assassin Unforgiven - Tribute To Jerome
  • Premiered: 2007-07-25
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    • Metallica The Unforgiven
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  • Comments: Raggs is back on after a long hiatus. I loved the nature of the site, but I basically left because people seem to like bashing me for liking/making AMVs that star dogs and drag my AMVs into it somehow (believe what you want, but I want some freaking honest opinions on the EDITING!). Geeze, grow up. I came back since I'm at a conflict with my AMVs and would like to have the honest feedback I can't find on Youtube.

    *cough* With that aside, here is one of my older videos made in 2007 using Windows Movie Maker (for those of you who don't know me from Youtube, a few months back I started using Vegas. I have improved my style of editing since then, so don't dwell on Downfall or anything), featuring my favourite character from Ginga Densetsu Weed, Jerome the German Shepherd Dog.

    My Gods, FINALLY I do a Metallica AMV. Starting to get worried with myself.

    Ok, before people get confused, here is the way I formatted my AMV (all parts unlabelled are just "normal AMV" time).

    00:08 - 00:28: GDW baddies, with most clips being of Kaibutsu and Hougen.
    00:28 - 00:43: Jerome introduction. Made him look mysterious by giving him a funky negative.
    03:34 - 04:18: Travels of Jerome to when they take him to Hougen.
    04:18 - 04:54: Aftermath (why put the aftermath near the middle instead of the end? Because it looked better this way)
    05:13 - end: Jerome's death and Weed's memory/forgiveness.

    Ok, now that that's done with, AMV talk. This is one of my favourite songs, and suits my muffin, Jerome. Jerome has to be the guiltiest character (his pack, Kaibutsu, Weed, he can't even forgive himself! Poor bastard), so this song works well with him. Plus, this song is about being unforgiven in a religious aspect, and Jerome was the only one that prayed to God, so that works too. This isn't a particularly violent AMV, as I was going for a more emotional focus (it's a ballad afterall). Oh, and...umm...don't ask why Jerome's death is spread accross 3 parts. It looked better this way.

    Duration Of Editing: 2 weeks
    Program: WMM

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