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  • Member: Master10k
  • Title: Manga-to-Anime
  • Premiered: 2009-01-06
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    • Red Hot Chili Peppers Stadium Arcadium
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  • Comments: Theme: Manga

    Finally after a couple days of work Iíve finished this AMV. I bet some of you would be surprised to know that this is my 1st and currently one & only AMV and that it was only 4 months ago (September 2008) when I started video editing. I began video editing from the anime & manga video reviews Iíve been making and uploading on Youtube, which is how I gradually learnt all these techniques.

    As for the AMV itself, I was inspired to make this after I saw what some people were capable of doing with Sony Vegas Pro (the program I currently use). After some anime & manga reviews I decided ďwhy donít I use all the techniques I learnt from them and combined it in a single AMVĒ and thatís how I came up with the idea for this Manga to Anime concept.

    The song ďStadium ArcadiumĒ is a song that has been in my head ever since I got the Red Hot Chili Peppers album and itís just one of those songs that can be listened to over & over. Matching scenes with the lyrics is easy but the trouble came when I tried to match scenes with the songs theme and doing that required some research into what the song Stadium Arcadium meant. The idea of doing the guitar string effect just came to me right before I started making this. Pretty easy, just used MS Paint to draw white lines across the pages and made 2 pictures (1 with fat lines, other with thin). ThenÖ well itís too long to explain.

    This AMV required :
    - Sony Vegas Pro 8.0
    - MS Paint
    - VirtualDub Mod

    * I plan to one day revisit this "Manga-to-Anime" concept, to make one of the most epic AMVs. ^_^

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